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Promotion Monster is a leading Software Development Firm specializes in Custom Software Development and native mobile app development services.

What sets us apart from our competitors is not just the right mix of people we align to our clients, but the right attitude towards the business. We go for an extra mile to understand our client’s business objectives and their end-users to decide the best set of tools and business strategies to deliver the best technology solutions and to optimize their business workflows.

At Promotion Monster, we deliver the best in class solutions in software development and applications maintenance. Once an optimal business solution is agreed upon, usability and technical design are the key focus areas in any of the projects we execute. We build secure software that performs really well for our client’s business. Our software development team is well-experienced across various business domains. They are always in research process to make the applications easily accessible.


PHP has earned huge popularity in recent times by being customizable yet easy to maintain the web designing and development platform. It’s true that being an extremely favored server-side scripting language, php is being used for developing superior feature-rich websites having top-notch functionality.

+ It’s An Open Source Language:

One of the major advantages of the php programming language is that is easily accessible for free to web developers. It is easily executed at the server side that means it functions on the web server. Though, it has an open source platform, php developers can learn about the learning scripting code in easily through online platforms.

+ Up-Gradation In PHP Is Quite Easier:

Because of the effortless of syntax, it is really easy to alter the php codes. In other words, it is true that php web development tasks can be easily executed in very less time. The basic characteristics of the language help the web developers to transform their websites into advanced web apps.

+ PHP Web Development Is Cost-Efficient:

There is another reason why the php language happens to be the first preference of web developers is that it is available for free. Basically, the original source code of php language is available for free and general public license. Nowadays, there are numerous php based web solutions of which practical usage is thoroughly tested and this is reason why it is not much requirement of time and effort.


The number of programming languages used in developing different projects and in day to day life has seen enormous growth in the last decade. Every language has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is absolutely depend upon the web developer to choose the programming language that serves the best for a specific project.

Java is undoubtedly the most popular programming language among the developers. The language is quite faster than other programming language. It prides itself features which include strong memory management, high-performance and backward compatibility and top nod security of the codes and project.

+ Higher Cross Functionality:

Java offers high cross-functionality and portability as programs written in one platform can run across desktops, mobiles and embedded systems. It is used a lot of different places. The language finds itself being used in a multitude of domains including mobile applications, web applications and system programming.

+ Object-Oriented Language:

Java is an object oriented language. It is one of the 100 percent object orientated language and that makes developing OOP applications are very easy. One cannot write a simple program in Java without being object oriented. Once the developer has the knowledge of basic OOP concepts, he/she can easily use them with JAVA.

+ Multi threading Is Possible In Java

Thread is the smallest unit of processing in any programming. Java has the capability for a program to perform several tasks simultaneously within a program with its Multi threading feature. It also allows the utilization of CPU time.

ASP.NET is a brilliant web application development framework from Microsoft to create robust, dynamic and rich web pages. It is a server-side technology built on Common Language Runtime to host powerful websites on any Windows server. Web forms, ASP.Net MVC and web pages are the three frameworks that offers. and Razor syntax is a lightweight framework providing facility to create the fast HTML pages with dynamic web content as well.

+ Easier To Build Large Applications: provides the developers freedom to develop large applications with a drastic reduction in the amount of code. The language also improves the performance and scalability of the web applications.

+ Save and Secure Applications:

With built in windows authentication feature, it is really easier to maintain the security of applications. The whole security process is handled separately by CLR either the default security settings or the ones configured and built in Windows authentication.

+ Easy Deployment:

With the built in configuration information, there is no requirements to register components as it makes deploying applications easier. Now most of the deployment tasks are automated using the Microsoft internet information services which is a well versed extension web serve that is created by Microsoft.