Custom ERP

The enterprise resource planning software is a special term that is used to describe a system that integrates various applications with a goal of automating different company departments and operations into a single database. The flow of data which the ERP enables helps different organizations increase productivity, eliminate data duplication and provide a layer of data integrity within the company.

When it comes to creating the valuable custom ERP solution, Promotions Monster takes care of it all drafting solution architecture, creating detailed requirements, implementation and deployment and maintenance and support.

Designing the ERP Solution

Building ERP solution involves aligning a lot of moving parts, like integrating with existing platforms, migrating data, building infrastructure, and ensuring business continuity. That’s why we create a comprehensive design plan for each customer’s unique business needs.

Developing the Solution

Once the requirements and design plan are ready, Promotion Monster starts building the ERP system. This stage is managed by an expert team of software developers, a project manager, a business analyst, and QA engineers.